Photo credit: Island BazaarAuf Majeed and Toddy Inc.
A personal project that began with me exploring character designs based on old photos of Maldivians in traditionals outfits, which evolved into illustrated playing cards inspired by figures from Maldivian History. 

The Kings are not specific Kings of the Maldives, but are characters wearing the different outfits worn by kings throughout the history of Maldives. The Queens feature women of different ages wearing Maldivian traditional dresses; the 'Dhivehi libaas' and 'dhigu hedhun'. The Jacks illustrates the different trades that are popular in the country; fishing, 'bodu beru jehun' which literally means 'playing the big drum', laquer wood craft and dhoni (boat) making. The Joker is a mix of 'bodu mas' meaning 'big fish' and 'maali', which are seen during Eid celebration parades throughout the islands of Maldives.
Available for purchase HERE.
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